Salt water. Air and sun. Adventure. Based on these elements, the Sebago has developed clothing and shoes for active use on and around the sea since 1946. Design and function inspired by our maritime roots in New England, USA, is the common denominator for all collections.

The greatest event in Sebago’s history took place in 1970: Sebago Docksides launched! Inspired by Native American tribes in the home state of Maine, Sebago’s designers produced something similar to the typical moccasin construction. Made entirely of the softest leather available and featuring an elongated tongue and quiet soles with excellent grip, Sebago Docksides became the ultimate boat shoe, performing equally well on land and at sea. Docksides became one of the shoe industry’s greatest successes in record time, and even today, they are a natural part of the landscape on deck and on the sidewalk alike.

Today’s modern clothing and shoe collections continue to build on to the foundation that turned Sebago into one of the world’s most popular brands: timeless design, quality and comfort.

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