Melges 24

The Melges 24 is a World’s leading one design Sportboat. Typically raced with a crew of 4 or 5 (racing crew weight limit 360kg), the Melges 24 has a light-hull displacement design which easily planes. Designed by Reichel/Pugh, the design includes a carbon fibre spar, rudder, bowsprit and vertical keel fin. Another key component of the M24 is a 670 sq ft asymmetrical spinnaker that lifts and pulls the boat forward on a downwind sprint.

The boat is easy to tow, hoist and ramp launch. With a retractable keel designed specifically for travelling, it is straight forward to tow on its custom built trailer with fiberglass bunks. The Melges 24 can be quickly and easily rigged by just two people.

To date, over 800 boats are sailed competitively around the world. The class is already well established in both North America and Europe and is growing rapidly throughout Asia and Australasia.

An ISAF International Class since 1997 the class is administered by the International Melges 24 Class Association and its associated National Classes. The IMCA is run for the owners by the owners. With its World Championships regularly attracting over 100 boats and an international regatta schedule that includes events at all levels across the globe the Melges 24 truly has something to offer everyone.

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