Tough 2nd day at the 5.5 metre Worlds

Another great day in Curacao brought challenging conditions to the team. However, we were mainly ourselves to blaim not getting of the starting line in a better position.


The team chasing down another norwegian boat “Clark Kent”

In the first race of the day, we just were a bit conservative and had free air but several boats were more corageous and got a jump on us. Then the chase was on and we were able to pass a few boats and finished 3rd. Not a great result but not too bad either.

Next race our timing was a bit off and we pull the trigger too late leaving us in the wake of several of the top boat. Having to split the fleet a bit to get clear air, we had to leave some of the most ofter benefitial left side. We were in the middle of the fleet but played the end of the beat well and rounded at least in the top 5 or 10. The boat ahead of us hit the mark and dragged in along. Unfortunately, the bouy got off and rebounded hard and hit us forcing us to do a penatly turn. We then struggle hard but were not able to recover better than a 6th.

Tomorrow we really want to be able to concentrate on the start and get off well. It’s just a matter of focus and concentration and we know we can do a lot better. Even though Marcus Wieser and his crew have had a great start with three bullets, we can not do anything else than concentrate on our own sailing. Future will tell how far we’ll go with that.

Full results at The championship finish on friday.