Team Bagdad miss Gold by a mere 3 points

jumpIt could hardly been more exiting. We had to win the race and have Wieser and his crew on third or worse.

The start was good. Only problem was that Wieser’s start was even better. Working our way up the first beat, we soon establish ourselves as the two top boats. Just before one of the last tacks, the shackle to Johan’s harness got loose and he fell in the water. Bad news was we lost contact with Wieser, good news was that Johan held on to a rope and could be recovered without even loosing a place.

After this unfortunate event, we were not able to put enough pressure to force him into mistakes. He went on winning the race and the championship and left us with the silver medals.

Wrapping up the whole week, we can see that the Germans were often faster than us unwind with the reverse downing. Our start can be improved while our boathandling was very good and our tactic on the mark as well.

Next major regatta is the Europeans and we probably will be there in some constellation.