All lined up for an exiting finish

Today we once again had variable conditions. A lot of the wind changes were due to rain clouds moving around the race area. In the first race, we were never really in the top but managed to hang in to a 6th place. Not bad considering anything could change here.

The 2nd race was pure joy. We started almost at the pin end and immidiately tacked and crossed the fleet. After rounding the top mark in the lead, we just extended from there to a nice bullit.

WC1Last race we got a little bit squeezed and had to bail out early. We managed to work our way up the beat to a top 5 position but lost another few boats at the very top of the beat. However, after a catastrophic run we lost pretty much the whole fleet. It is actually not so difficult here in the superlight conditions. Even if the Race Committee made feeble attempts with a change of course, the rest of the race ended up in pretty much a parade with reaching up the first upwind and reaching down the last run. We were never able to recover and ended up in 17th place or something.

Before the last day tomorrow, things gets really exiting. We might still be at the top of the leaderboard but if we get another race in tomorrow, a discard will be allowed. Markus Wieser and his crew is sailing an excellent regatta so far and only a OCS in the first start denies him the lead. With one discard, we would now be 2nd, 4 points after the german crew.

Keep your fingers crossed tomorrow!