Team Baghdad runner-up in Express Swedish Nationals

In a week with occationally really touch conditions, Team Baghdad were able to push Mikael Collberg all the way to the finish. The swede that has won 11 (!) Swedish Nationals in the Express Class eventually were able to finish on top but it wasn’t until the very last race the championships were decided.

Norska seglaren Kristian Nergaard på NOR 600 ligger på en fin andraplats efter första dagens seglingar. träffade honom på After Sailen och pratade om segling i Norge, vilka entypsklasser Kristian seglar och vad han tror om morgondagens seglingar.

Posted by Expresseglarna on Thursday, August 4, 2016

In extraordinary strong wind on the last day of racing, several boats decided not to race. Kristian and his Baghdad crew were able to win the penultimate race securing a top-2 finish. However, Collberg and his crew from swedish Mariestad were not too far behind in 3rd place securing the gold medal. With the top two places already decided, these two boats withdrawed from the last race that now had no significance for the crews.

A total of 34 boats participated. Results can be found here.