Artemis in driver’s seat

On the 2nd day of the 5.5 metre Worlds, the wind showed up and showed up in style at today’s races. …but even if the breeze was strong in general, it came from mainland Italy and was quite variable both in speed and direction. We probably had pretty much everything between 6 and 22 knots. Challanging conditions for sure but we handled it well and leads the regatta after two races.

We started well in both races, at least well enough to soon starting playing the big shifts up the beat. On both races we rounded around 5th place. Some decisions and plays went bad but most of the went good and we were able to pick up a boat here and another there.

WC3In first race of the day, we finished a very close 2nd after Markus Wieser. On the last downwind we came from behind and were able to gybe on him onto the finish. However, he and the team on “Mission Impossible” were able to squeeze there bow in just before us at the finish.

The second race was quite similar to the first one. On the last run we passed another boat from 4th to 3rd at the finish. …or so we thought… After coming ashore we learned that Markus Wieser at the front (again!) had prematurely started and consequently scored a OCS.

That means that we sit at the top of the leaderboard after first day of racing. That’s great! However, we’re sure the conditions will continue to be challanging and that a lot of testing conditions still awaits us.