Silver is secured. Next goal is Gold

The beutiful weather and medium breeze continued to be the norm in Copenhagen. The conditions were stable with subtle wind shift but the key was to handle the current differences between the sides of the course.

14068357_1196591863694248_2804783251599357733_oTeam Baghdad did two very good but also very conservative starts. Instead of risking everything in the chaos at the committee boat end, the team stayed out of problem. But the price was high as the current relief was very big.
Good news was the team kept fighting and pretty much gained places around the course in both races and managed to get a countable 8-6 score.

This means that the team has secured at least a Silver medal before the last race tomorrow. Even counting the worst score so far (8th plane in Race 6), no other boat than the Danish can catch them. However, if the Danish finish 3rd or better, Team Baghdad can not be more than 4 boats behind.

-We will gave to talk through the tactics for tomorrow later on says helsman Krustian Nergaard. At first glance it might look natural to just go out and try to better our worst score (8th). But the obvious choice is probably to just matchrace them all the way down the fleet. In neither options, success is guaranteed. We’ll see…

Photos by Per Heegaard. Full results once again available here.